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Bare Jams capture the sounds of that one summer you’ll never forget. The six strong collective come together to blend a tight fusion of genres, seamlessly mixing flavours of pop, reggae, dub, soul and rock into a unique, collaborative sound. This sound is delivered with exuberance and relentless energy, creating a stage presence radiating love and good times. An energy allowing them to find new fans wherever they perform; from support tours opening for the likes of The Wailers, Ocean Alley and La Pegatina to the dozens of EU & UK festivals they played over the last years.


Never losing this joie de vivre, Bare Jams’ multifaceted lyrics offer insight into a journey of highs and lows, struggles and triumphs; their veiled metaphors provide listeners with the opportunity to find solace in their own interpretations of the words, coupled with a solid backbone of eternal optimism which is delivered by the grooves and horn lines. This eternal optimism is at the heart of new single Little Bit: “no longer looking over my shoulder, but life goes on and…”


Life is indeed going on for Bare Jams. The band are back on the road headlining their own club shows around the UK & EU and have a busy summer of festivals ahead of them. They are expected to drop their new single ‘Roll With It’ at the end of June.